Specialty Materials, Inc.


Specialty Materials’ boron fiber is particularly desirable for use in aerospace industry applications where high compression loads are present. Some examples of these applications include the following aircraft: F-15 Fighter, F-14 Fighter, B1 Bomber, Blackhawk Helicopter, Predator B UAV, and the Space Shuttle. Additionally, Specialty Materials’ boron fiber has been used to repair aircraft structures in both military and commercial aircraft including the B-52, C-130, F-4, F-5, F-111 and Boeing 727, 747, 757 and MD-11. Please see the chart below for reference.

Aircraft Manufacturer Material Application
F15 Fighter Boeing Boron/Epoxy Horizontal and vertical tailskins rudder
F14 Fighter Grumman Aerospace Corp. Boron/Epoxy Horizontal tail skins
B1 Bomber Rockwell International Boron/Epoxy Dorsal Longeron
Blackhawk Sea Stallion Helicopter Sikorsky Boron/Epoxy Rotor Blades & Stabilator
Predator B Drone General Atomics Boron/Graphite Epoxy Top Beam Cap
Space Shuttle Rockwell International Boron/Al
Structural tubes & engine thrust mounts
Aircraft repair – Military & Commercial B52, C130, F4, F5, F111, Boeing 727, 747, 757, MD-11 Various Boron/Epoxy Repair of Aircraft Structures